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Sulu 2.0.0-RC2 released

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Sep 06

After releasing Sulu 2.0 RC1 we have continued to work on improving the product. We've added some smaller features that existed in the 1.x series and refactored others where we sadly could not avoid BC breaks compared to RC1.

RC2 also comes with updated dependencies and improved compatibility, e.g. we have updated all our JS dependencies to their latest version, made sure that we are compatible with MySQL 8 and updated the minimum version of PHP to 7.2, because the security support for PHP 7.1 is ending this december.

The most important new features include:

  • Locking of users
  • Disallow specific operations not applicable to the Homepage (moving, changing the URL, deleting, ...)
  • Hide UI elements if the currently logged in user has no permissions for them
  • An updated design for error messages
  • Allow filtering by type in media_selection field type

The changes concerning extension points important for developers will be explained in more detail in the following paragraphs.

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Sulu Release 1.5.24 & 1.6.28

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Aug 08

The hotfixes 1.5.24 and 1.6.28 have been released today.

Both versions contain of a few bugfixes, including a fix in the sulu:webspaces:validate command erroring when the new controller notation of Symfony was used, the returning of a wrong 406 status code on the website when any Exception was thrown during rendering the respone and an edge-case when generating some nodes for new languages using the sulu:document:init command.

Additionally, the 1.6.28 release also fixes the saving of conditions on TargetGroups of the AudienceTargeting when older Doctrine versions are used, a redirect issue on the website and the infinite loader that appears on the custom url list if a user is deleted who created a custom url before.

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SuluFormBundle 1.0.0 released

Alexander Schranz Alexander Schranz ON Jul 29

More than a month ago we released RC7 of the FormBundle which contained a new feature to create text only e-mails. (A big thank you to @kleinkoerkamp who deliverd this feature!)

Now we are happy to announce that the FormBundle version 1.0.0 is released, as there where no bugs reported for the last RC. So, if you are running RC7 you are safe to update with zero changes between these versions.

If the FormBundle is new to you read more about it here.


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Sulu 2.0.0-RC1 released

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jul 12

After months of hard work and countless hours of planning, development, testing and refactoring, we are stoked to announce the first release candidate of Sulu 2.0! All features from the 1.x series haven been ported and are ready to be tested. We hope many of you take the chance to dive into the completely reworked sytem and test the hell out of it. We are really appreciating any feedback.

In this blog post I will focus on the new features included in this release, leaving out the bugfixes that are also part of it.

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Sulu Release 1.5.23 & 1.6.27

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Aug 08

Although we are heavily working on the our next major release, we still support Sulu version 1.5 and 1.6. Therefore we have released the new versions 1.5.23 and 1.6.27.

Both releases contain a fix, which caused redirects to mix up the used schema.

In addition to that the new 1.6 release fixes three more bugs. One appeared when you uploaded and afterwards downloaded a HTML file in our media section and the second was an incompatibility with PHP 7.3. Last but not least the copy webspace command now correctly adapts the links added in a teaser when being copied.

The 1.6.27 release also brings a new commands for removing outdated media cache files and introduces an event, that can be used to add more functionality to our cache clear feature.

Three out of six contributions were made by András, thank you for that!
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Sulu attending the EU Symfony Hackathon

Alexander Schranz Alexander Schranz ON Mar 21

The European Union is organizing several hackathons as part of its FOSSA 2 program in the following months. The first hackathon will be the Symfony and API Platform Hackathon, taking place on the 6th and 7th of April 2019.

The hackathon is invite-only and 50 active Symfony contributers will attend it. So we are happy to announce that I will be one of the participants. As Sulu is built on top of Symfony we are always happy to give something back to the great Symfony community and hack with them together. We had a great experience at the Symfony Con hackday in Lisbon and Cluj.

The hackathon will focus on security, lower number of open issues and pull requests in Symfony repositories and improve its documentation, but it doesn't stop there. Another important topic is how to improve the diversity of the community.

I'm looking forward to the hackathon and want to thank the organisers Nicolas Grekas from the Symfony organisation and Jean-François Hovinne from the European Commission.

Read more about the hackathon in the Symfony Blog and the official EU FOSSA Hackathon Website.

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Sulu Release 1.5.21 & 1.6.25

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Mar 01

The 1.x series gets two more hotfixes: 1.5.21 and 1.6.25.

Both releases contain an improvement concerning the user API. This API does not return the permissions for each role anymore, because it is not needed in the view where this API is used. This should improve performance and mitigate a crash appearing when there are too many roles in the system.

In addition to that both releases also removed the deprecation of the "WebsiteController::renderStructure" method, because we don't have a replacement plan for it in Sulu 2.0. So it should be safe to use this method until at least Sulu 3.0.

1.6.25 contains a few more bugfixes and improvement and adds a small feature being added by Léopold Baillard's PR. It adds the dimensions of a video in its properties, so that they are available to use in your templates.

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Sulu 2.0.0-alpha5 released

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Feb 27

It has been a while since the last alpha release of Sulu 2. That's not because we haven't been working on it a lot, actually the exact opposite is the reason. We've accomplished a lot in the last few weeks and merged 160 pull requests. The only reason we waited so long with this release is that we've done a few breaking changes and we wanted to bundle them within a single release, so that you hopefully don't have to struggle with similar changes in future releases.

Make sure to check out our file in the repository to learn about all the breaking changes with introduced.

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Deploy Sulu with Deployer

Alexander Schranz Alexander Schranz ON Jan 17

Deployer is a well known deployment tool for PHP applications and we are happy to announce that the new version of Deployer is shipped with recipes for Sulu. Once configured, it's easy to deploy your application on one or multiple webservers.

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Sulu Release 1.5.20 & 1.6.24

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jan 10

The first release in the new year is a rather small one, but allows to run Sulu 1.6 with the latest versions of Symfony 3 and PHP 7.3. Sadly we had to realize that it is not possible to make Sulu 1.5 compatible with PHP 7.3, because we would have to update from Symfony 2 to Symfony 3, which would introduce quite a few BC breaks. So if you want to run Sulu on PHP 7.3 there is no way around an update to Sulu 1.6.

In addition to that the XML files containing the image formats can now be empty. We did this because this way it was possible to add an empty image formats file to sulu-minimal, which hopefully makes it easier to start a new project.

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Visiting Lisbon for SymfonyCon 2018

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Dec 11

Last week we have been attending this year's SymfonyCon in Lisbon. It was a great event with the main room being a parking garage! Sounds quite bad, but actually they were preparing the room very well as you can see in the following tweet:

Apart from the conference we had an awesome time in Lisbon. I can totally recommend to visit it and enjoy the nice views over the Lisbon hills as well as their awesome cuisine.

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Sulu Release 1.5.19 & 1.6.23

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Dec 04

Yesterday we have released Sulu 1.5.19 and 1.6.23.

The new release of the 1.5.x series has some bug and performance fixes:

  • Proper exception message for locked and disabled users are provided now
  • The locale of the default user has been changed to english
  • Query parameters are passed when doing a redirect from a URL with slash to a URL without slash
  • Fix a timeout on travis when testing against PHP 5.5
  • Fix the default value of field parameters
  • Improve performance of the DocumentManager by remvonig redundant iteration of properties

The 1.6.x series now includes all of these bugfixes as well. In addition to them a tiny new feature was included, which will automatically rotate image based on the image's EXIF metadata.


Special thanks go to our community contributors ADMadAndrás Debreczeni, Karsten Frohwein, and Michel Falke.

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Sulu 2.0.0-alpha4 released

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Oct 11

This release took a bit longer than we actually planned but it includes a lot more features, improvements and bugfixes. In this article I will explain the bigger changes being implement in our 4th alpha in more detail without going too deep into the smaller bugfixes which we have done a few as well.

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Sulu Release 1.5.18 & 1.6.22

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Oct 09

The main reason for this release is a Symfony Bug, which causes Sulu to crash completely. We've added these versions as conflict, so that Composer doesn't install them with Sulu.

Sulu 1.5.18 additionally fixes an issue in the testing environment, which was mainly for testing another bundle.

Sulu 1.6.22 contains three more bugfixes:

  • Fixed a few attributes passed to the preview request
  • Add a timeout for purging the cache, so that there is no loader for a long time if purging is not configured correctly
  • Remove a wrongly added attribute to the outputted links in the text editor
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Sulu 2.0.0-alpha2 released

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Aug 01

Two weeks ago we have released the first alpha of Sulu 2.0 and we want to make the releases more frequently now. So we have already pushed the second alpha which added some more features and tinier enhancements.

The smaller enhancements include a nicer design of the ColumnList in which the pages are shown and some corrections regarding positioning of certain elements.

Additionally the ColumnList now also shows more information: It displays if a given title is just a fallback from another language. This happens when it is a so called "ghost" page, meaning that the page does not exist in the language you have currently loaded. Apart from that the published state of the page (the green and yellow icons, which have already existed in Sulu 1.x in a similar way) is also shown.

Quite soon after the first alpha people were mentioning that it wasn't possible to delete a page. Since we agree that this is a very important functionality we have added it on the ColumnList navigation.

Another enhancement in the ColumnList is that it remembers which page has been opened before and that the datagrid sends a different request to load all of these elements at once. Currently the active element is only remembered for the current session, but the persistent storage will also be implemented before the final release.

Since we have decided to focus on the content management part of Sulu for now we have also decided to implement the ghost dialog. This dialog appears if a form is opened in a language in which the the entity does not exist. The overlay asks you if you want to copy the content from a different language. This currently works for snippets and pages.

And last but not least the SEO tab was added to the form for pages. This tab allows you to add meta title, meta descriptions etc. and also shows a small search engine preview. The nice thing here is that in Sulu 1.x this was a completely custom view which had to handle quite a lot of stuff. With Sulu 2.0 we could use our standard form component and just developed a simple FieldType which is displaying the search engine preview. This again shows that our new UI strategy was the right decission and that implementing stuff like this in your own application should also be fairly easy.

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SuluArticleBundle feature complete - 1.0.0-RC7 released

Patrick Hopfner Patrick Hopfner ON Jul 31

After a few brainstorming sessions and few weeks of intensive development we are happy to say: "SuluArticleBundle is feature complete!". This means this will (hopefully!) be the last RC release of our biggest bundle outside the core.

I'd like to show you our latest features and give you some information about the further roadmap.

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Sulu Release 1.5.17 & 1.6.21

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jul 19

Today we have released the hotfixes 1.5.17 and 1.6.21. Both contain the same bugfixes:

  • Copying the locale of a page to another locale did not include the SEO and excerpt information
  • The "All media" view, which shows all the available media in a list, did not consider the permissions of the collections
  • The Smart Content returned too few arguments if multiple categories have been used for filtering and assigned to the loaded entities
  • The password hash was removed from the User REST API
  • A few more values have been escaped to avoid XSS attacks in the Admin
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Sulu 2.0-alpha1 released

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jul 17

After my blog post explaining our technical choices for Sulu 2.0 we have decided that it is the right time to make a first alpha release although quite some functionality is still under development. You should see it more as a developer preview in order to retrieve feedback from you. Please tell us about any bugs you might encounter and anything that is missing in our file.

The most important entities already have a list and a form, so the most basic functions can now be tested. The old administration interface is gone, so from now on the new admin is accessible on the URL "/admin" - not anymore on "/admin/v2" for those of you who have already played around with our develop branch.

There is also the ExampleEventBundle which showcases how easy it is to display a simple list with an edit form for an existing API. This bundle will also be the example for the further instructions on how to extend our administration interface.

The single steps have separate Pull Requests in the ExampleEventBundle which will be linked in the text below. They start from a point where an API is already available. The API was built with an interesting architecture using a CommandBus, but that's the topic of a separate blog post.

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The technology behind Sulu 2.0

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jun 12

Thomas has already explained our intentions for the next major release of Sulu. He mentioned that we have decided to use React as the main technology for our new administration interface, because we think it is a very powerful view-layer, quite popular for some time now and the team working on React lives certain values like keeping backwards compatibility, which matters a lot to us.

However, since React only covers the view-layer of our application I will also explain in this article which other technologies we are using and the reasons to do so.

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Sulu 2.0 - New major release ahead!

Thomas Schedler Thomas Schedler ON Apr 12

As mentioned on the blog the Sulu 1.6 release is the last one of the 1.x series. There are many reasons why we made this decision and it’s time to share our thoughts with our community.

Software and especially the technology which is used to build the software evolves over time. This is challenging for everybody involved, but the Sulu team has always been very committed to the project forward with the best available solutions. Building a large legacy codebase has never been our goal. So a new major version allows us to introduce breaking changes und clean up existing code.

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Sylius Workshop

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Mar 30

After 3 very intense days it's time to recap what we have learend in these 72 hours. 

We were really eager to find out more about building a bridge between Sylius and Sulu. So, together with our colleagues from MASSIVE ART we kicked of the meeting with Paweł Jędrzejewski and started to dive into the Symfony eCommerce platform.

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Sulu on the Road: The Netherlands edition

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Mar 20

Since I wanted to go to another React conference this year and it is always awesome to meet some people using our product I thought it would be super nice to combine both activities. I stumbled upon React Amsterdam, a conference in Amsterdam covering (surprise!) React. The conference looks very promising and since I know that we have quite some users in the Netherlands it should be a great match. After exchanging a few messages with the community in our Slack channel I now have two additional events I am excited to share with you.

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Sulu Community Bundle 1.0 released

Alexander Schranz Alexander Schranz ON Mar 12

After 3 Release Candidates the SuluCommunityBundle finally reached the 1.0 version. A big thanks here to all the people supporting us with tests and reporting bugs during the development. If the SuluCommunityBundle is new for you, read more about its features in this blog post: Add Community interactions to your website

If you are interested in new features feel free to create an feature request on the Github repository

We are also focused on releasing version 1.0 of the SuluFormBundle soon so we ask you to give your feedback to the release candidates. Thanks in advance!

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Agent Conf 2018

Patrick Hopfner Patrick Hopfner ON Jan 31

This year has only just begun and the Sulu team has already attended a conference: Agent Conf 2018.

The event took place for the second time on 25.01.2018 and 26.01.2018 in Dornbirn (Austria) after it's installment last year. Focused on the entire world of JavaScript about 150 participants got interesting insights and conversations.

The whole talks were filmend and should be available in the near future on the conference site.

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Sulu Release 1.6.12

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jan 15

Shortly after 1.6.11 we had to release Sulu 1.6.12. Mainly because of a new doctrine release which broke Sulu. Therefore we decided to keep doctrine 2.5 for the moment. But we've already started working on a Pull Request to update doctrine to version 2.6 which probably will be released in Sulu 2.0.

Additionally we changed the default length of the SEO description from 155 to 320 because of a new recommendation. Plus, we fixed a bug for Symfony 3 which lead to an error if a URL with a dot at the end was called.

Also, a new release candidate was published for the SuluFormBundle. The new release improves the performance of the list export and allows to disable specific field types which was contributed by our community member rflorent

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Symfony Meetup Zürich

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Dec 14

In our mission to attend as many meetups as possible we headed to Zürich early December. We met many good friends and such as the great people from Liip who also hosted the evening. We want to thank especially @dbu for organising the event.

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Sulu Release 1.6.10

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Dec 12

We have accidentally introduced a BC break in Sulu 1.6.9, while trying to fix some regressions from Symfony 3.4. Because of the way the new Symfony version handles the caching of the container, it is not possible anymore to execute any commands after clearing the cache.

Therefore we decided to remove the cache clearing step in the sulu:build command. However, this breaks other bundles like the ArticleBundle which are relying on this step.

The solution was to add this step again but simply do nothing when Symfony 3.4 is installed. That means that if you want to clear the cache before executing "sulu:build" you have to do that now manually.

This is the only fix that was released with Sulu 1.6.10.

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SymfonyCon Cluj 2017

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Nov 27

One of the highlights this year for any Symfony developer was the SymfonyCon which took place in Cluj-Napoca in Rumania. The conference was full of information, good talks and nice people.

All presentation slides and links to the videos can be found here as soon as they are available

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MASSIVE ART Innovation Day 2017

Sulu Team Sulu Team ON Nov 23

About a week ago the digital agency MASSIVE ART hosted an annual innovation day for the whole company. Everyone in the team was encouraged to try out new technologies and implement cool projects. The cool thing about this event ist that technical people work together with designers, product-managers and online marketeers to create new and exciting ideas such as:

  • Vision of a Sulu-Community (Platform and Trademark)
  • HTML for dummies (showcase how HTML, CSS and JavaScript work together in the browser)
  • Different design concepts
  • and lots of other cool stuff

The Sulu team was also part of this awesome day. We have discussed some nice project ideas and tried new technologies and tools.

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Sulu Release 1.6.8

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Nov 21

Today we want to say a big THANK YOU to our awesome community! This release is the very first in the history of Sulu that is entierely based on contributions and containing only bug fixes which were developed by you guys and girls :)

Furthermore this week brings you the 1.0.0-RC3 of the ArticleBundle and the 1.0.0-RC1 of the SuluCommunityBundle has been released.

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Reactive Conf 2017

Patrick Hopfner Patrick Hopfner ON Nov 13

In the last october week two of our core developers went to the Reactiv Conf 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Over 1100 people joined the conference for reactive frontend development. We've listend to many interesting and great talks, some of them possibly very important for our further development. In this little post I'd like to share some of my experiences from the event with you.

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XML Sitemap

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Nov 10

The XML Sitemap is an essential part of on-page SEO but it needs a lot of effort to create and maintain such a file. Not with Sulu since the system provides the "sitemap.xml" right out of the box. And to make your life even more relaxing the system follows the specification of and the Google limitations of a maximum 50.000 links per sitemap by automatically splitting larger files in several parts. 

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Sulu 2.0 Hackday

Patrick Hopfner Patrick Hopfner ON Oct 31

This is a very short summary of the first Hackday for Sulu 2.0 with all the core team members.

We met in the middle of the Alps with a dreamlike view and we even had support from the house cat. It was a totally exciting day for everyone!

Daniel tried to bring the new frontend concepts to all members. After this short session everyone started to develop a new component for Sulu 2.0.

In the next few days we'll blog about the technical changes in Sulu 2.0.

Stay tuned, the next months will be very exciting! :)


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Add community interactions to your webspace

Alexander Schranz Alexander Schranz ON Oct 09

Sulu allows you not only to create complex websites. Building web applications with community features is also very easy to manage. To make such projects a lot easier the community bundle will add typical user interactions to your webspace:

  •  Login form
  •  Registration form
  •  Password forget form
  •  Profile edit form with avatar upload
  •  Blacklisting
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Sulu 1.6

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jun 28

We are happy to announce Sulu 1.6, which comes, apart from loads of smaller features and bugfixes, with two big new features.

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New in Sulu 1.6: Audience Targeting

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jun 20

Sulu 1.6 comes with a big new feature called "Audience Targeting" which allows you to separate your visitors into different target groups and display individual content for each them. But how does this work conceptually? We will explain it in this blog post. 

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"Articles" made by Sulu

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Mar 31

One of the most requested features and questions in the last few years was: "How can I create a blog with Sulu?". Our answer until now was using a node in the webspace page-tree or even building it upon a dedicated webspace.

But we never felt that this is the best answer we could give to our community and here's why:

The page-tree was not built to manage a large number of pages (or articles) in a single node. The main negative effect of such an use-case is that it slows down the system dramatically. So e.g. an overview page of articles would require quite long loading times. Besides that managing different types of articles (blog posts, news etc.) is not very comfortable.

On the other side most of the features used for pages are really great to create articles:

  • Publishing
  • Versioning
  • Drafting
  • Localizations (Shadow- and Ghostpages)
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Core Elasticsearch: Developer

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Mar 15

The new year 2017 began with a long awaited Core Elasticsearch: Developer training. We attended it to get a deeper insight into the technology which is currently on everyone's lips. Until now we used it in our own abstraction which also supports ZendLucene. This abstraction is important to allow an easy start for less experienced developers.

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Sulu 1.5

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Mar 07

After 3 release candidates, 89 commits from 12 different contributors we are finally announcing the release of Sulu 1.5.

There are three big new features coming with this release:

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New in Sulu 1.5: Automation

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Mar 01

Beside the versioning feature we have implemented a second big feature for the new release: Automation!

The basic idea behind this was to enhance the content management with the abililty to plan the publishing time of a page. In the near future other tasks will also be added. One of many scenarios we are discussing are time based notifications so e.g. an editor would be notfied every 6 months to check the content of a page.

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New in Sulu 1.5: Versioning

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Feb 22

A very important feature for many content managers has made it into the 1.5 release of Sulu: Versioning! 

This will enable the user to restore old versions of pages and makes working with the system more comfortable since there is always a way to return to the previously published content. But let's have a look at this feature step by step:

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New in Sulu 1.4: New "teaser_selection" content type

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Feb 13

In Sulu 1.4 we are introducing the new content type "teaser_selection" which can be used to display a list of "teasers". Contrary to "media_selection" and "contact_selection" – used for a single type of content like images, videos, contacts etc. – the "teaser_selection" type is able to display teasers of mixed types of content. The perfect example is a carousel that switches between teasers from pages, images and articles (provided by the brand new SuluArticleBundle).

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New in Sulu 1.4: Adobe creative integration

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Feb 06

In my previous blog I've explained two new features which support the content manager to decide how images get cropped into different formats. The feature I am going to explain now is related to this because it adds a third option for the content manager to influence the final rendering of the images. So, let's talk about the new Adobe Creative SDK from which we integrated the Image Editor UI to Sulu.

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New in Sulu 1.4: Image cropping

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jan 30

A big part of a CMS is asset management. Because of that Sulu allows you to define multiple image formats and automatically scales and crop your uploaded images behind the scenes. But sometimes Sulu will not exactly match the crop you have imagined when defining the image formats as it crops from the center of the image by default. For this reason we have implemented multiple ways to directly influence the crops of your images.

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SymfonyCon Berlin 2016

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Jan 16

Beginning of December the Sulu team attended the SymfonyCon Berlin – and it was huge! According to the event organizer there have been over 1200 people gathering. All of them interested in Symfony. There have been plenty of great talks, which I'd like to share with you, especially the ones being interesting for Sulu.

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New in Sulu 1.4: Customizable SEO tags

Alexander Schranz Alexander Schranz ON Oct 20

In Sulu 1.4, we made some improvements to our SEO tags. The current implementation makes it unnecessarily hard to extend or edit the SEO tags printed by Sulu. When you wanted to do that, you had to copy-paste all of the tags. Not very developer friendly.

We replaced the sulu_seo() function in Twig by a new template: seo.html.twig. You can use Twig's embed-statement to override individual parts of that template. But not so fast. Let's take one step at a time.

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Sulu 1.3

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Aug 11

We are happy to announce the release of version 1.3.0 of our content management solution. A lot of hard work has been put into this release and this blog post will explain the most important changes.

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Deploy Sulu on

Bernd Hepberger Bernd Hepberger ON Jun 17

Sulu can now be deployed on Which also means you can create a free 30-day trial account and start playing around with Sulu within minutes. Click this link to start.

Many thanks for the great people at for this partnership!

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Sulu 1.2

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Apr 18

With the 1.2 release we finally have adapted our new quarterly release cycle. And we've made it with only a few days delay ;-) So I am very excited to go through the most important new features and technical changes in this blog post.

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Sulu Hack Day: February 2016

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Mar 01

Last Saturday, the Sulu core team met at the MASSIVE ART office in Dornbirn for the February edition of the Sulu Hack Day. We try to organize such a Hack Day every one or two months in order to handle issues that get little attention during our daily business. The team also takes the chance to experiment with different technologies that might become handy for Sulu.

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How to improve your website performance with ESI

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Feb 16

Performance of modern websites is getting more important than ever. They should be accessible on every device within no time – even on a smartphone with a low connection speed. The combination of functionality, usability and design is growing to a large and complex code base which forces Web Developers to cache each page as long as possible.

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How to develop a bundle in the Sulu-Admin – #3: REST-API

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Feb 01

This part of the tutorial is based on the results of the previous blog-post.

One of Sulu’s core concepts is the separation of data and presentation in the Sulu-Admin. To achieve this the Admin is developed as a single-page application with JavaScript - we talked about the basics in the last part - and a standardized RESTful-API. This enables the developer to link external data-sources into the system or export existing data.

In this part we are going to integrate a “News” endpoint in the API of Sulu. We will develop the following parts:

  • RestController - delivers data in a JSON-serialized format.
  • NewsManager - encapsulates the CRUD operations to interact with “News” items. 
  • NewsEntity - a simple Doctrine entity which will be stored in the database.

For the rest of this tutorial we will use this Doctrine mapping file. It contains an id, the content and the title. This example is very basic but it can be extended for your needs.

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How to develop a bundle in the Sulu-Admin – #2: JavaScript

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Jan 19

This part of the tutorial is based on the results of the previous blog-post.

The JavaScript part of Sulu might look a little scary on the first look but if you use our best practice to structure your files and our helpers & hooks you are able to build awesome UIs with less code!

Fundamentally the Sulu-Admin UI is build ontop of the library Husky which was built by MASSIVE ART. It uses AuraJS to bootstrap a "declarative component-based and event-driven RequireJS application". The complete Sulu-Admin application consists of loosely coupled AuraJS components. We have used AuraJS because of the small footprint and the extensibility.

All the bootstrap of your application is by the "SuluAdminBundle". It uses the "Admin" classes which we have defined in the last step of the tutorial to find the entry-point of your JavaScript components. Each Sulu bundle is able to extend the AuraJS application. E.g. you can extend the "sandbox" object which will be available in each component (this.sandbox). In this tutorial we will also see more usage of these extensions in Sulu.

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How to develop a bundle in the Sulu-Admin – #1: Introduction

Johannes Wachter Johannes Wachter ON Jan 15

Sulu’s main purpose is to manage content in an easy to use interface based on solid, extendable state of the art technology. Besides the core bundles it is relatively easy to develop custom bundles that use the Sulu-Admin for data manipulation.

In this tutorial we’d like to show you how to implement a very simple “News” bundle which enables you to manage news articles in a dedicated area and display them on a website. Additionally the tutorial will give you a deeper look inside the JavaScript and PHP code.

The example codes can be found in this GitHub repository which also contains Pull-Requests with each single step. This Pull-Requests also contain comments with additional explanations.

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Sulu 1.1

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Dec 04

After half a year of development and approximately 200 pull request on GitHub we are proud to present the 1.1 release of our content management platform Sulu. The most visible change is a big redesign, which will be covered in a separate blog post. This particular one will concentrate on new features and technical improvements.

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The new Sulu interface

Bernd Hepberger Bernd Hepberger ON Dec 10

A user friendly and economic interface has always been an important part of the Sulu platform. The system should not only enable devs to create complex websites but also make it as easy as possible for editors to work on the web content. We have learned tremendously from user feedback and many client projects from our parent company MASSIVE ART. And we used this as the basis for a re-design of the UI which is now released with Sulu 1.1.

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Sulu 1.1.0 - First Beta release

Bernd Hepberger Bernd Hepberger ON Oct 29

After many months of hard work the first Beta release of Sulu 1.1.0 is now available for download. You can expect loads of new features and improvements such as a slicker interface design, new content types and a refactored security system.

We are still adding final touches so there will be updated Beta versions in the next days.  

Feel free to download and test the newest Sulu version here:

If you want to give us feedback please go to GitHub.
To get in touch with us and chat directly with devs request a #Slack invitation.

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Where the journey is leading us

Bernd Hepberger Bernd Hepberger ON Apr 11

We have been asked for a development roadmap ever since the Sulu pre-release in March. We’re really happy that the amount of feedback and interest especially within the Symfony community is constantly growing. So here we go, this is our roadmap for the Sulu development in 2014.

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Front End Matters

Sulu Team Sulu Team ON May 24

In Sulu the Model-View-Controller architecture is not only used in the back-end of the system, but also in the front-end, the client side, of our framework.

Various JavaScript-frameworks enable or at least make it easier to develop in an object-oriented way and build an application within a Model-View-Controller architecture in the front end. Such frameworks have become more and more important and also more often used by the community lately, as the Model-View-Controller architecture comes with great advantages not only in the back-end.

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Pre-Release 0.1

Sulu Team Sulu Team ON Jun 03

This is it! Having accomplished 18 sprints we proudly publish the alpha pre-release of our content management framework Sulu. This first release provides insight into the efficiency of Sulu such as the sustained multi-language support in the administration of multiple portals.

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The tagging component

Daniel Rotter Daniel Rotter ON Feb 10

A very important component of Sulu is its tagging functionality. Tags will be extensively used in our smart content feature, which will be implemented soon. We decided to develop this in dedicated tag bundle, because otherwise it would be coupled too closely to our content management section, and we thought it could be useful to use tags in other parts of Sulu or even in other projects, as well.

So we implemented a simple list, in which you can directly edit the tags. It’s very easy to change the name of the tag, since IDs of the tags are saved along with the objects they are attached to. A new tag can also be easily added using this list, as it does not have any side effect on existing data.

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Live Preview

Sulu Team Sulu Team ON Jan 24

The first killer feature has found its place in Sulu with the completion of the latest sprint 15. The so called Sulu Live Preview enables an instant view any changes applied by a content manager in the actual layout of a website.

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The Column Tree Navigation

Sulu Team Sulu Team ON Jan 08

Keeping our priorities we would like to first wish you a happy new year! Continuing their work on the Sulu content management framework (SuluCMF) our developers have returned from their well-deserved Christmas holidays.

Prior to our short leave and in line with the release of the new navigational concept the column tree navigation has been successfully implemented into SuluCMF. This new component as displayed in Fig. 1 enables an intuitive navigation through a website structure. This is achieved by giving access to various nodes such as pages, sub pages, links and or other special type nodes which constitute the entire web space environment.

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The new Navigation-Concept of Sulu 2

Sulu Team Sulu Team ON Dec 20

The next sprint is finished and so it’s time for a short summary of what has been happening during the last two weeks. First of all, our main goal of implementing a column tree view in order to be able to navigate through all web-spaces and its containing pages has been accomplished successfully. Furthermore, we have also integrated our new navigation and all of its visual components into sulu-cmf (content management framework).

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From ZOOLU 1.0 to SULU 2.0

Bernd Hepberger Bernd Hepberger ON Oct 17

**OR: How to Survive a Hackathon in the Alps **

We are back! Back from an intensive hackday weekend up in the alps. And back with a new generation of ZOOLU! OK, we are just almost back on the market, but we are eager to share the latest updates with you - on our way to the next generation of our content management system SULU 2.0!

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Starting Sulu Blog

Bernd Hepberger Bernd Hepberger ON Jul 26

This blog has been published in order to provide you insight into the Sulu content management framework, an open source project of MASSIVE ART based on Symfony CMF and AuraJS.

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