From ZOOLU 1.0 to SULU 2.0

**OR: How to Survive a Hackathon in the Alps **

We are back! Back from an intensive hackday weekend up in the alps. And back with a new generation of ZOOLU! OK, we are just almost back on the market, but we are eager to share the latest updates with you - on our way to the next generation of our content management system SULU 2.0!

You may wonder, how we could realize such a huge project within 48 hours. And we have to admit, we did not. But within these two cosy days spending in the small cottage „Pfaffenboden“, we have been able to make the next big step towards SULU 2.0. And here is also our survival strategy: hacking like mad! Sounds exhausting, and it was - but definitely worth it!

Together with Lukas Smith we made a succesful breakthrough in the field of portal content management. Reaching the next level of our technical concept, made us even more anxious to present you SULU 2.0 in all its glory soon.

As you may have concidered at first glance, SULU 2.0 won´t be just a new version of ZOOLU 1.0. With a strong focus of multi-portal and mulit-lingual functions, as well as an high usability-focused architectural design we will enter a new generation of modern content management solutions. Curious? So, stay tuned!