New in Sulu 1.4: New "teaser_selection" content type

In Sulu 1.4 we are introducing the new content type "teaser_selection" which can be used to display a list of "teasers". Contrary to "media_selection" and "contact_selection" – used for a single type of content like images, videos, contacts etc. – the "teaser_selection" type is able to display teasers of mixed types of content. The perfect example is a carousel that switches between teasers from pages, images and articles (provided by the brand new SuluArticleBundle).

Usage in the Template

This is how you add the content-type to a template:

<property name="teasers" type="teaser_selection">
        <title lang="en">Teaser selection</title>
        <title lang="de">Teaser-Auswahl</title>

        <param name="present_as" type="collection">
            <param name="three">
                    <title lang="en">3 Columns</title>
                    <title lang="de">3 Spalten</title>
            <param name="five">
                    <title lang="en">5 Columns</title>
                    <title lang="de">5 Spalten</title>

Usage in the UI

The developer is now able to add pages, articles etc. The dropdown can differ depending on the  installed bundles.

On the right side of the content-type there is another dropdown which can be used by the developer to provide different visual styles.

Sulu-Backend Teaser-Selection empty Sulu-Backend Teaser-Selection empty

The data for each of this types of teaser will be editable in the "Excerpt & Categories" tab. The teaser consists of the following properties:

  • Title
  • Description
  • One (or no) media
  • More-link text

Each of this values can be overwritten locally where it has been added.

Sulu-Backend Teaser-Selection edit Sulu-Backend Teaser-Selection edit


Sulu-Backend Teaser-Selection data Sulu-Backend Teaser-Selection data

In the Twig template the developer can rely on a "strict" datastructure no matter which kind of content was selected by the editor.


As i mentioned in the first part of this post this content-type is easily extensible. If you have custom content to be integrated in the teaser selection you can follow the Cookbook entry for "Provider for Teaser-Selection".