Sulu 1.5

After 3 release candidates, 89 commits from 12 different contributors we are finally announcing the release of Sulu 1.5.

There are three big new features coming with this release:


Versioning allows to create and restore different states of a page. New versions are created when a page is published and can be restored from the settings tab. Find more information about this new feature in the versioning blog post.


Content managers will also be happy about the release of the SuluAutomationBundle. It allows to automatically publish a page at a certain time. The perfect feature for launching landing pages at a given date and time! Read the automation blog post to find out more about that.

Custom author info

Another smaller but still useful feature is the addition of a custom author for a page. The name of the content author can now be set without the need of using a system user.

And there's more

You can also have a look at our changelog which also contains all the other various bugfixes and enhancements.

Apart from the core we have also published new releases from the SuluThemeBundle (1.2)SuluCommunityBundle (0.2)SuluArticleBundle (0.1) and the SuluCommentBundle (0.1).

We're looking forward to your feedback!