Sulu 1.6

We are happy to announce Sulu 1.6, which comes, apart from loads of smaller features and bugfixes, with two big new features.

Audience Targeting

The audience targeting has already been explained in its own blog post. Shortly explained it allows you to define different target groups, which will automatically be assigned to your visitors. And based on these visitors you can influence the appearance and content of the page. You can also checkout our documentation for the audience targeting feature to see how it can be used.

Symfony 3.3

Finally all our dependencies have upgrade to Symfony 3, so we were able to also remove our deprecations and upgrade to Symfony 3.3. Keep in mind that we still support Symfony 2.8 as well, just add this restriction to your composer.json and Sulu will continue to work with the older version. In case you want to upgrade to Symfony 3.3 you should also checkout the UPGRADE files from Symfony (for all versions from Symfony 2.8 to Symfony 3.3).


1.6. will probably be the last release of the 1.x series. We have already done some research to see where we have room for improvement, and came to the conclusion that developing custom Sulu bundles mostly fail on the frontend part. That's why we've decided to update our frontend stack and use React. We'll also plan to do that in a way that enables the developer to add new functionality without touching JavaScript, at least when only standard components are used.

So a lot of interesting stuff is going on, stay tuned!