Sulu on the Road: The Netherlands edition

Since I wanted to go to another React conference this year and it is always awesome to meet some people using our product I thought it would be super nice to combine both activities. I stumbled upon React Amsterdam, a conference in Amsterdam covering (surprise!) React. The conference looks very promising and since I know that we have quite some users in the Netherlands it should be a great match. After exchanging a few messages with the community in our Slack channel I now have two additional events I am excited to share with you.

Sulu 2.0 at the Webstores Expert Talks

The first event is happening on the 11th of April at 19:30. I am honored to be the first speaker ever of the Webstores Expert Talks in Hardenberg.

On this day I will talk about the current state of the Sulu 2.0 development and what is so exciting about it. If you are interested but can't understand the Dutch website (yeah, we've got something in common!) here are the most important details: I am talking at the Webstores office in Hardenberg and they would like you to register yourself beforehand if you plan to come.

Special thanks go to Frank Klein Koerkamp for organizing this event!

Caching the uncachable at 010PHP

Another interesting event is 010PHP, a PHP UserGroup in Rotterdam. Since this is a more general UserGroup I am also going to talk about a topic which shoud be interesting people outside the Sulu world. We have decided to go with "Caching the uncachable", a talk I am also going to give at the IPC in Berlin. It will be about advanced caching techniquies, allowing you to cache content for different target groups of your users.

Basically you should be able to understand how our AudienceTargetingBundle works afterwards. But since this functionality is built upon standards, the knowledge you gain will also be useful for projects not using Sulu!

The event takes place on the 12th of April. Make sure to claim your spot on the meetup page.

Thank you Nathan Waelkens for establishing the contact and thank you Roberto Gardenier for giving me the opportunity to speak.

Attendee at React Amsterdam

In case you can't make it to the two events mentioned above you can still catch me at the React Amsterdam conference if you`re attending it. Just contact me on twitter so that we can find each other. And also contact me if you are located in the Netherlands and you'd like to meet, I might have some leisure time that has to be filled ;-)