The Sulu Documentation

In the last couple of weeks we were working on the Sulu Documentation ( The deeper we got into it the more we realized how much there's still to do. But we got hooked and will continue.

What we have done

mrsulu-reads mrsulu-reads

We worked through all the existing content and restructured it. We tried to make the concepts of Sulu clearer. Now there are also additional topics like writing Twig templates for Suluusing smart content types and localizationThere were also some (just a few) typos. We the ones we found. :)

We think: with the current state of the documentation, developers have a well-founded starting point for most of the things Sulu adds to the Symfony framework.

At the moment we are quiet happy about the introduction and getting started. Reading the documentation provides a good idea on what Sulu is and how the setup of your first project would look like.

What we'll do next

Next we'll make a Screencast of how to setup a simple Sulu project. We had this request in our Slack channel. Additionally we'll add a part on how to extend the Sulu administration interface. We got a lot of requests for this topic.

But we'd also like to hear feedback from the community. Let us know what you want to see next in the Sulu documentation – and make use of our pretty comment-box bellow. Where do you get stuck? How do you like it so far?